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Non Profit Pathway Tennis Foundation Catapults Ariana Pursoo to the #1 Recruit in her Class

Ariana Pursoo is the #1 recruit in the New York state class of 2024 and a Blue Chip recruit who’s ranked #4 in the nation. Off the court Ariana likes the BTS music group and soccer! She’s a New York native who’s at the beginning of an amazing career and her success is partly because of the Pathway Tennis Foundation which has helped her with training and tournament play. Ariana says the Pathway Tennis Foundation has been critical to her growth as a player both mentally and physically.

Earlier this year Ariana went through a tough stretch where she had a few tough losses that left her feeling imbalanced and uncertain about her game. Pathway Tennis Foundation helped her bounce back by designing a training block just for her meant to address her game and her mind. Richard Bowie the founder of Pathway Tennis Foundation helped Ariana regroup and regain her confidence to get her back to feeling comfortable and playing in the aggressive style she loves. After the training block Ariana went on to win the J3 Coral Gables ITF, UTR Pro 25k, and the J3 ITF in Dominican Republic.

Richard Bowie holds two important roles in aiding Ariana’s tennis career, one being her personal coach, and the other being her Tournament Coordinator through Pathway Tennis.

“Ariana is the kind of player that any coach should be honored to work with. As a player Ariana brings a level of professionalism and work ethic to her training that has helped bring her to this point. Personally she is a humble, kind, and respectful girl that has yet to refer to me as anything other than ‘Coach Richard’.”

Pathway Tennis Foundation strives to not only expose people to the game, but encourage them to foster a relationship with the sport for growth and excellence. Ariana believes that Pathway Tennis Foundation has provided her with essential tools she’s needed to continue to build her tennis career and Ariana hopes to see Pathway Tennis Foundation help other upcoming junior players in the future.

Up next for Ariana is a big Summer of tennis—she is set to play the Hard Court Nationals in San Diego and a J1 ITF in College Park, Maryland, and she will end the summer with the US Open Juniors. The sky is the limit for this rising junior!

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